External IWS Display For Trucks

-Instant digital readout of the load on the truck box.
-Reduce the risk of overloading

-Increase productivity by ensuring optimized fill factor.
-Improve safety and reduce risk of failure due to overloading.


Sandvik has developed External Displays as an optional feature for Integrated Weighing System. The displays enable the loader’s operator to see directly the weight on the truck dump box.
The instant load information for the loader operator ensure more efficient passes and maximal productivity. The fill factor is optimized and the risk of overloading is minimized.
Compare to the standard “traffic lights” load indication system, the digital readout of the optional External Displays gives the loader operator better indication of how much load is in the box (The “traffic lights” system has greater ranges of payload values).

Application area

Productivity improvement


Sandvik TH551i, Sandvik TH663i