Improved Up-Box For Trucks

-New design of gears with optimized weight and increased teeth width.

-Improves lifetime of the pow-er train components.


Sandvik has released a new Up-box for Sandvik TH551, TH551i, TH663 and TH663i dump trucks.

In the new improved up-box the weight of gears has been optimized in order to reduce inertia values. Gear teeth width has changed from 60mm to 43mm.

This improvement, associated with the Improved Flexible Coupling (see next page), will help to reduce the torsional vibration in the rest of the power train, which improves the lifetime of the power train components.

This modification is only possible on Volvo powered trucks.

Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement


Sandvik TH551, Sandvik TH551i, Sandvik TH663, Sandvik TH663i