Integrated Jacking System For Trucks

-Four hydraulic jacking cylinders mounted to the front and rear frames.
-Remote controlled system
-Simple operator interface
-Strong system, allows to jack-up fully loaded truck

-Improves the safety of the maintenance and repair operations, especially when it comes to tire replacement.
-Allows to operate the Integrated Jacking System from a safe distance.
-Easy to use, require minimal training to be used. Requires minimal maintenance and withstands tough mining conditions.
-Makes tires replacement easier an d faster in a confined mining environment. Increase productivity by reducing downtime.


Replacing tires on large an heavy UG truck can be challenging and dangerous as it require specific tools that are often difficult to use on underground mining environment.

To make tires replacements safer, quicker and easier, Sandvik has developed the Integrated Jacking System.
The system consist on four hydraulic cylinders mounted to the front and rear frames. These hydraulic cylinders are intended to jack-up the truck for replacement of the tire. Each cylinder is controlled separately with a remote control which is connected to the outside of the cabin with a cable.

The Sandvik Integrated Jacking System is able to jack-up the truck in any place (with level and firm ground) and circumstance, even in confined spaces or if the truck is fully loaded.

Service stands are a separate option that is strongly recommended to use in combination with Integrated jacking System.

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement


Sandvik TH551, Sandvik TH551i, Sandvik TH663, Sandvik TH663i