-Ensure proper operation of the air/water separator by automatic bleeding of the water collected.
-Reduce daily maintenance tasks

-Limit the risk of rock drill failure due to excessive water contamination of the shank lubrication oil
-Improve productivity


Significant water contamination of the shank lubrication is a serious concern as it generate corrosion that weaken the rock drill parts and can lead to failure of the piston striking face.

In order to limit water contamination, our machines are equipped with Water/Air Separation System on the compressed air line. But this system has to be bled manually regularly in order to ensure the system efficiency. In very humid environment, like underground mine tunnels, the bleeding tap has to be sometimes turned on several times per shift, which can be quite restrictive.

In order to avoid this repetitive task and to ensure the Water/Air Separator is always protect the rock drill from excessive water contamination in the lubrication oil, Sandvik has developed an Auto Bleeding System upgrade. It automatically drain the water from Separator system. The interval and duration of the drains can be fully set-up to adapt to the machine working environment (air humidity level).

Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DD210L, Sandvik DD210L-V, Sandvik DD311, Sandvik DL230L, Sandvik DL331, Sandvik DS210L-M, Sandvik DS210L-V, Sandvik DS311