-ARI count and inject automatically resin cartridges.
-The system is located outside the cabin.

-Improve productivity by shortening the resin grouted bolt installation process.
-Improve safety by insuring the correct amount of resin is injected for each bolt.
-Improve operator comfort by avoiding odorous resin vapours inside the cabin.


Bolting cycle, when installing resin grouted bolts is a quite long process and every improvement on the installation time brings a lot of value. Also, the number of resin cartridges injected for each hole has to be very accurate as an error would cause lower resistance of the bolt, causing safety issue. Finally, the chemical vapours emitted by the resin cartridges are very odorous and can inconvenience the operator, especially on machine equipped with cabins.

Sandvik Automatic Resin Injection (ARI) is a system which count and inject automatically resin cartridges.

Equipped with 2 separated storages for fast set and low set cartridges, ARI realises what ever cartridge sequence is needed by the operator. If only one type of cartridge is needed, the system’s autonomy is therefore doubled. The number and sequence of cartridges can be either programmed for all or part of the shift, or realised manually for each bolt, insuring the correct quantity of resin is injected for each hole.

The system improve productivity as the operator can achieve other task while the cartridges are injected. This operation is then done by pressing 2 simple push buttons. ARI is installed outside the machine’s cabin, so there no more issue due to resin smell for the operator.

Application area

Productivity improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DS410, Sandvik DS411, Sandvik DS510, Sandvik DS511, Sandvik DS512i