Tyres Pressure Monitoring System For Trucks

• System components are easy to maintain and replace.
• Correct tyre pressure reduces risk of premature tyre wear and damages.
• Reduce service time.
• Operator gets real-time information about tyre pressure.
• Correct tyre pressure increases operating comfort and reduces operator fatigue.
• Incorrect pressure could generate tyre burst and causes loss of machine control.
• Warning or alarms pop-up on the display in case of pressure error detected.
• Operator can execute proactive actions instead of reactive.
• Increase machine availability.

• Reduce Service and Tyres cost
• Improve Safety
• Increase productivity and reliability


Sandvik has developed the Tyres Pressure Monitoring System (T.P.M.S.) for trucks. The system is fully integrated in the Intelligent Control System of the machine.
Thanks to the four self-powered radio pressure sensors mounted on tyre’s valves stem, the pressure information of every individual tyre is collected, send by radio signal to the receiver, through the antenna located in the central articulation of the machine, and displayed on the original control system screen (no additional display).

The operator is informed in real time with warning and alarm in case of air leakage or incorrect tyre pressure.
Control of the correct inflation pressure avoid premature damages on tyres and prevents unexpected failure of the tyre which increases safety. Productivity and operating cost are improved by reduction of service time and tyre costs.

Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement


Sandvik TH430, Sandvik TH540, Sandvik TH545i, Sandvik TH550, Sandvik TH551, Sandvik TH551i, Sandvik TH663, Sandvik TH663i