Ducktail Box Extension For Trucks

-Allows to increase the volume of the box.
-Reduce risk to drop rocks on the hauling roads.

-Improve productivity by increasing the volume of material carried by the truck.
-Reduce operating cost by reducing the risk of damages on other on other equipments and on the roads.
-Reduce the need for road cleaning.


Loading the truck box at full capacity, at every round, is the most easier way to achieve productivity targets. But when the handling material is light, the volume of the box might be insufficient to reach the maximal payload of the truck.

In order to improve the volume of the TH551i and TH663i trucks boxes (30, 38 or 40m3), Sandvik has designed the Ducktail Box Extension retrofit kit.
By adding this box extension, the volume of the box is increased and it allow to carry more material at every round. Also, it reduces the chances rocks would fall from the box on roads and could damages the others equipment and roads.

30m3 box: +2m3
38 and 40m3 boxes: +2,5m3

Warning: The Ducktail Box Extension do not increase the maximal payload capacity of the truck.

Application area

Productivity improvement


Sandvik TH551i, Sandvik TH663i