-Measures and displays the direction of the angle of drilling with high accuracy.
-Version available with hole-depth measurement, penetration-rate indication and cumulative drilled hole length counters.
-Simple and basic system that’s easy to install and use.
-Integrated troubleshooting function

-Reduces the risk of generating over-break and under-break that leads to extra costs, slower production, and an increased risk of falling rocks (safety issue)
-Allows accurate control of the drilling process.
-Allow rock tools life follow-up.
-Minimal installation time and training required.
-Easily test the correct function of the system’s sensors to ensure minimal downtime in case of failure


Inaccurate drilling set-up and hole length can cause misalignment of the whole tunnel, blasting difficulties, and can lead to over-break and under-break. Fixing tunnel alignment later is extremely expensive and it also increases the need for rock support and the risk of rock fall.

Sandvik TMS+ Boom Instrumentation systems allows the operator to control with great accuracy the drilling direction. It can also display information about hole depth, penetration rates and cumulative drilled length (”DDS” option).

Get optimal control over the drilling angle and positioning in order to avoid tunnel misalignment, as well as over-break and under-break.

Optimize ore recovery, advance per blast and the fragmentation process.

Application area

Productivity improvement

Tunneling drills

Sandvik DT611, Sandvik DT621, Sandvik DT721, Sandvik DT820, Sandvik DT821