-Allow to do several tasks with the same machine in an efficient way.
-No waste of time and human resources on bringing several machines on the same location to perform different tasks.
-Transform development drill rig into versatile machine that can drill face and also bolt holes at a low investment cost.

-Improve versatility.
-Improve productivity.
-Reduce operations costs.


When it is needed to perform new tasks with your development drill rig, like for instance drilling cross-cuttings on narrow drifts or drilling bolt holes, using a solid long feed can be problematic. That’s why Sandvik has developed the TFX500 feeds.

Sandvik TFX500 telescopic feeds are designed for Sandvik face drilling jumbos with RDX5 and RD500 series rock drills. A versatile feed for face drilling, bolt hole drilling and cross-cuttings in a limited space where both long and short rods have to be used. Optimized with SB40 NV boom ( Upgrades Solutions retrofit kit also available).
When Sandvik TFX500 feed is at the minimum length, short holes (i.e. bolt holes) can be drilled and while at maximum length, longer holes (i.e. face holes) can be drilled. The extension of feed can be adjusted step-by-step between the minimum and maximum length.

The beams are made of special aluminium profile with sliding surfaces faced with stainless steel strips. The drill rod centralizers are equipped with hardened steel wear pieces and designed for optimum visibility and durability.
TRR1 (hydraulic rod retainer) for extension drilling is available as an option.

The TFX500 conversion kit is delivered with all needed parts including, telescopic function controls (hydraulic or electro-hydraulic according machine model) and hoses harness.

Application area

Application modification

Tunneling drills

Sandvik DT1131, Sandvik DT1132i, Sandvik DT1231, Sandvik DT611, Sandvik DT621, Sandvik DT721, Sandvik DT820, Sandvik DT821, Sandvik DT912D, Sandvik DT922i