Jump Start Connector for Loaders

-Jump Start Connector avoid risk of inversion of polarities during jump start operations


Discharged battery might lead to the need to use jump cables to start the engine of the loader with the use of an external battery pack or other unit.

This process can be dangerous is case of polarity mistake on the jump cables connection as the battery short circuit can lead to explosion of the battery, fire start and serious damages on the electric system of the machine.

In order to mitigate this risk, Sandvik offers the installation of the Jump Start Connector Upgrade Solution.

The Jump Start Connector avoid the risk to invert polarity of the jump cable. It avoid also generation of sparks, that could happen if cables where connected temporarily on the battery terminals with clamps (risk of fire).

Only female connector is supplied on the kit. Cable with male connector can be ordered separately from Sandvik:
– P/N 504744: Jump cable length 3m (10ft):
– P/N: 56034295: Jump cable length 4,5m (15ft)

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement


Sandvik LH209L, Sandvik LH307, Sandvik LH410, Sandvik LH514, Sandvik LH517, Sandvik LH517i, Sandvik LH621, Sandvik LH621i