Seat Belt & Door Latch Monitoring For Loaders

-Insure cabin doors are closed and seat belt always fasten when the machine is tramming.


Cabin door and seat belt are essential safety system to limit the risk of injury during machine tramming phases.
In order to insure these safety elements are operational;, means cabin door is closed and safety belt is locked, the Sandvik Doors and Safety Belt Monitoring System can be added on your loaders.

The seat belt and door latch indication system is designed to warn the machine operator if machine is used without seat belt or when the cabin door is not properly closed. Warnings are given by a buzzer and with warning lights in the instrument panel.

The brakes are NOT automatically applying if, during machine’s tramming phase, the door are opened or seat belt unlocked, as sudden automatic braking causes an additional risk to a person who does not wear a seat belt.
The Doors and Safety Belt Interlock System retrofit kit is delivered with all needed parts including, switches, brackets, electric wiring, operator manual update, etc.

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement


Sandvik LH514, Sandvik LH517