Hydraulic Oil Sandvik OH100 20L

-Low foaming tendency
-Good air release properties
-High ageing resistance
-Good corrosion protection
-Very good viscosity-temperature-behaviour
-Very good wear protection
-High viscosity index
-Wide service temperature range
-Good shear stability

Technical Specification

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Proper function and operating safety of hydraulic systems are largely influenced by the quality of the hydraulic medium. In addition to the task of transferring forces, the operating fluid must seal, cool and lubricate. Since hydraulic oils are exposed to high stress due to the operating conditions, they have to fulfil a large number of requirements.

The oils of the Sandvik OH series are formulated on the basis of highly ageing- resistant solvates containing additives that increase the aging resistance. The products of the Sandvik OH series are zinc-containing HVLP hydraulic and general lubricating oils according to DIN 51524-3. Mineral oil- based, demulsifying.

Sandvik OH high-quality products are used as hydraulic oil and as lubricating oil for various applications like bearings and gear boxes, even when a high viscosity index and good load carrying capacity is required. Especially recommended for applications where a low start-up viscosity at low temperatures and a higher viscosity at higher temperatures is required. Particularly suited to all applications in mobile hydraulic systems that require the use of an HVLP oil according to DIN 51524-3 with a wide service temperature range.