Electrical brake Retarder For Trucks

• Provide supplementary braking power without generating heat on the service brake system, regardless truck speed.
• Effective after the engine stops or when gear box is in neutral.
• Can be used with empty or fully loaded box.
• A switch mounted on the operator’s dashboard allows to activate the system and to select four different levels of retarder activation.
• Lack of friction on the working principle make Electric Brake Retarder totally silent in all condition of use of use and guarantees the absence of particle emissions or any other pollutant release into the environment.
• Progressive and instant response to operator solicitations
• Reduce drastically solicitation and wear on the service brake system.
• Do not require specific maintenance.

• Mitigate risk of service brake overheating and total loss of braking power.
• Brake system fully operational in all conditions and in case of emergency.
• Improve operator’s comfort and safety.
• Do not affect the ambient air quality.
• Improve operating cost by extending the lifespan of the service brake system’s parts.
• Increase operational availability.


Service brakes overheating is a major risk as it can lead to complete loss of the brake function and dramatic accidents. In order to mitigate this risk, Sandvik has developed an Electrical Brake Retarder for selected trucks models.

The Electric Brake Retarder supports the truck service brakes system by acting as a supplementary brake system. It dissipate the braking energy by generating eddy currents. The eddy currents produce a gradual rise in rotor temperature and the heat is then released into the atmosphere through ventilation systems. With this “induction braking systems”, it is thus possible to effectively slow down the transmission rotating shaft without friction and therefore without wear.

This technology guarantees unequalled instantaneous availability and full braking power provided by the retarder, regardless of the vehicle’s speed and it remains effective even after the engine stops, or when the gearbox is in neutral. Risks associated with service braking system overheating are therefore avoided and the system remains fully operational in case of emergency.

Trucks equipped with an Electrical Brake Retarder can multiply the lifespan of their service braking system up to ten times: maintenance costs are therefore greatly reduced and operational availability is increased.

The ease of use, flexibility and progressive character of Electrical Brake Retarder guarantees exceptional comfort for the Truck operator. Activated and easy to control with a switch located on the dashboard: once the function is turned on, it works automatically.
Electric Brake Retarder can be used with an empty or fully loaded box. Recommended for ramp haulage applications (i.e. backfilling).

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement


Sandvik TH430, Sandvik TH540, Sandvik TH545i