Electric Filling Pump For Loaders

– Oil can be pumped directly from the barrel, through a filter.
– Oil tanks can be filled from ground level

– Reduce risk of contamination of the new oil.
– Reduce service time
– Improve safety


Oil contamination is one of the major risk of failure of expensive component of the hydraulic system, generate frequent downtimes.

In order to reduce the risk of contamination of new oil during the filling process, Sandvik has developed the Electric Filling Pump for hydraulic tank(s).

This on-board oil pump enables hydraulic oil to be filled, from ground level, straight from barrels, without having to use any other container that could be dirty and bring contamination in the oil. The oil is pumped through a filter ensuring the oil is clean and reduces possibility of contamination of oil during filling.

On units equipped with two separate hydraulic tanks, there is a selector.

Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement


Sandvik LH202, Sandvik LH307, Sandvik LH410