-The use of the bolting Head Oiler creates an oil film that protect the bolting head from cement or resin overflow and splashing.

-Avoid premature wear and mis-function of the bolting head due to cement or resin residues.
-Ease cleaning operations.


Bolting head have to be in relative good and clean condition to operate correctly. Dirt and more precisely cement or resin residues can prevent the correct operation of the turret and generate expensive repair.

In order to avoid cement and resin residues to stick on the bolting head elements and makes cleaning operations long and tedious tasks, Sandvik has developed the Bolting Head Oiler.

Bolting Head Oiler allows to creates a film of oil that protect the bolting head from cement and resin overflow and splashing. It also prevents itself from rusting.

Before bolting, the operator, with a high pressure pistol, sprays a film of oil on the whole bolting head. Immediately after finishing the bolting operations, it is highly recommended to wash the bolting head to remove the cement lying on the oil film.

This pneumatic system is working either on the mine air network supply or on the on-board air compressor supply.
It is a highly recommended option when operating bulk cement bolting unit or cement or resin injection.

Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DS311, Sandvik DS312, Sandvik DS410, Sandvik DS411, Sandvik DS420, Sandvik DS421, Sandvik DS422i, Sandvik DS510, Sandvik DS511, Sandvik DS512i