-Measures and displays the direction of the angle of drilling with high accuracy.
-Displays hole-depth mea-surement and penetration rate (optional only on DL331)
-Simple and basic system that’s easy to install and use.
-Data collection via USB and viewer software

-Reduces the risk of gener-ating over- and under-break that leads to extra costs, slower production, and an increased risk of falling rocks (safety issue).
-Allows accurate control of the drilling process
-Minimal installation time and training required, and minimal downtime in case of failure.
-Allows for accurate follow-up of the machine’s production.


During production drilling operations, inaccurate feed positioning and an incorrect drilling angle can have serious consequences on the operational costs of an underground mine. It can cause:
• Oversized blocks
• Ore loss
• Dilution

TIS is basic CAN-bus based instrumentation for medium and NV long-hole top-hammer drills.
It is used to accurately position the drill feed at the correct angle (tilt and rotation). On the DL331, it displays hole depth, penetration speed and drilling pressures (percussion, feed, rotation and flushing). Data collection is included. Instrumentation is equipped with side lasers mounted to the carrier. The lasers are used to position the carrier at the drill-fan location.
A large, user-friendly display clearly shows the operator the parameters. Instrumentation checks itself for every start to find possible faults in the system.
Collected data is stored in the display unit. Data is in ASCII format comma separated and data recovery is done via USB.

Application area

Productivity improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DL210, Sandvik DL2710, Sandvik DL2711, Sandvik DL2720, Sandvik DL2721, Sandvik DL310, Sandvik DL320, Sandvik DL330, Sandvik DL331