-Prevents hole from collapsing during collaring
-Reduced amount of flying dust

-Increase productivity
-Improve safety

When collaring a hole and drilling broken rock, the hole walls tend to collapse causing drill steels to jam or a need to re-drill the hole. This can be avoided by using a water injection system, which effectively stabilizes the hole walls. The water injection system consists of a water tank, control valves, water pump and control system.

Controlled amount of water or a water / foaming agent mixture is pumped into the rock drill’s flushing air. The mixture pumped into the flushing air suppresses the dust and vaults the hole with a cement-like layer which prevents the hole from collapsing.

The actual amount of mixture used depends on the type of the rock and the size of drilled hole. Water tanks are big enough for one day operation. Capacities are as follows:
Ranger DX & Tiger DG: 250 litres
Ranger DXi: 250 litres (125l each)
Pantera DPi 250 litres
Leopard DI: 350 litres

Boom surface drills

Sandvik DG710, Sandvik DG810, Sandvik DI450, Sandvik DI550, Sandvik DI560, Sandvik DI650i, Sandvik DP1100i, Sandvik DP1500i, Sandvik DP1600i, Sandvik DX600, Sandvik DX600R, Sandvik DX700, Sandvik DX800, Sandvik DX800i, Sandvik DX800R, Sandvik DX900i

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