-Water Hose Reel ease the management of the water supply hose and protect it during tramming phases.

-Reduce risk of damages on the water hose that
are costly and disturbs production.
-Makes operator tasks easier and more comfortable.


Frequent repair or replacement of the water supply hose could be very costly and frequent damages of the hose can really impact the production as drilling is impossible without correct water supply. Also, unreeling and reeling hose ”by hand” is a long and heavy task for the operator if the mine water connection is located several tenth of meters from the work place.

In order to ease the management of the water supply hose and to protect it during tramming phases, Sandvik has developed a Water Hose Reel.

The reel can be controlled from the operator station or from the back of the machine. There is an automatic function that unreel the hose in the same time the machine tram to the face (same as the electric supply cable).
The Water Hose Reel upgrade solution can be delivered with water hose (size and length differ according machine models.)

Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DD311, Sandvik DD320S, Sandvik DD321, Sandvik DD410, Sandvik DD411, Sandvik DD420, Sandvik DD421, Sandvik DD422i, Sandvik DD422iE, Sandvik DD530, Sandvik DD531, Sandvik DL311, Sandvik DL321, Sandvik DL331, Sandvik DL410, Sandvik DL411, Sandvik DL420, Sandvik DL421, Sandvik DL422iE, Sandvik DL430, Sandvik DL431, Sandvik DL432i, Sandvik DS310, Sandvik DS311, Sandvik DS312, Sandvik DS410, Sandvik DS411, Sandvik DS412i, Sandvik DS412iE, Sandvik DS420, Sandvik DS421, Sandvik DS422i, Sandvik DS510, Sandvik DS511, Sandvik DS512i