-Allows to manipulate the drill-ing rods / Tubes safely.
-Allows to handle safely the rock drill flushing head.

-Improve safety.


Drilling rods and tubes could be quite difficult and dangerous to manipulate as they are weighing several tenth of kilos. Also, the shape of rods make it difficult to handle with a standard crane, without specific tools.

In order to make tube carousel loading operation safer and easier, Sandvik offer the possibility to equip the DL421 with a Tube Manipulator.

The Tube Manipulator is an additional hydraulic telescopic boom that can be used to grab drilling rods/ tubes on the floor and place it on the carousel of the drilling module.

It can lift up to 125 kg when retracted and 55 kg in fully extended position and can reach up to 3,8 m from it base.

Associate with the specific tool P/N: BG00405451 and a lifting chain, the Tube manipulator can also be used to handle the rock drill flushing head (i.e. for shank adaptor change or service).

The Tube Handler system is only available on DL421 equipped with cabin.

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DL421