Recovery System (Radio Signal) For Loaders

-Allows to remotely release the brakes in case of need to retrieve a buried unit or to remove it quickly from the section in case of breakdown.


In some breakdown cases like engine failure or transmission breakdown, or even roof collapse (if machine operated under unsupported roof with RRC), the loader can be stuck and block the production site, generating important productivity loss.

Removing the unit from the location without all functional components, or without easy and safe access to the operator compartment, can be hazardous.

In order to mitigate this risk and makes easier to remove the loader from the location, Sandvik has developed a Recovery System that allows, remotely, to shut down the engine and release the brakes of the loader with a radio Signal.

The system includes a radio remote control to operate the system (and a receiver installed on the unit), an electric operated hydraulic pump to pressurise the brake circuit and release the brakes, and a tow hook that is installed at the back of the unit and allows to pull out the loader with an other loader.

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement


Sandvik LH202, Sandvik LH203, Sandvik LH307, Sandvik LH400T, Sandvik LH410