-Reduce noise emissions while drilling.

– Help to respect local noise regulations.
– Improve work safety.

Many contractors and quarries face increasingly restrictive noise limits, particularly in urban areas. Effective solutions are necessary to cut out harmful noise to improve work safety and to maintain neighbourly relations with local communities. The new solutions introduced by Sandvik are not only beneficial to the surrounding areas, they also reduce operators’ and work site personnel’s exposure to harmful noise levels, thereby offering a more comfortable working environment.

Noise Guard – DX reduces noise emissions from Ranger™ DX series drill rigs The Noise Guard – DX is a fully enclosed structure that reduces Lwa sound power level outside of the drill approx 10dB, down to 117,3 dB. The LpA, sound pressure level at operator seat drops down to 71,6dB (normally around 80dB).

Requirements to limit noise from drilling machinery stem from several international and national sources, such as EU directives, various safety standards, occupational health and safety legislation and environmental regulations. The measurements above represent the A-weighted sound pressure (LpAd) levels according to the EN 16228-1 safety standard, which applies the methods standardized in SFS EN ISO 3744:2010 for determining the sound power level of a noise source.

Boom surface drills

Sandvik DX700, Sandvik DX800

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement