LHD Small Heel Shroud

•Compatible with all Sandvik and non-Sandvik loader buckets.
•Long heel shrouds available to eliminate wash-out between shrouds.

• Extend bucket service life.
• Protect the side wall and floor plate weld seams.
• Reduce the frequency of lip rebuilds by supporting the primary lip through wear-package alignment.
• Reduces the total cost of ownership of your loader and bucket.

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Shark™ heel shrouds protect the external weld seams of the bucket’s side walls and floor plates during high-abrasion mining operations, reducing wear. They also provide support to the whole GET package, helping to extend the life of the bucket through wear-package alignment.

• Constructed from custom, high-performance wear-resistant Sandvik SS2000 steel alloy.
• Available in different sizes and types to better suit your site-specific application.
• Has cut-out design feature to suit all bucket designs.

• 40mm
• 50mm

• Single weld-on Heel Shrouds
• Long weld-on Heel Shrouds


All Sandvik loaders, All Caterpillar loaders, All Epiroc loaders