Engine Conversion Solution For Sandvik LH410

• New Volvo Penta TAD1140VE engine.
• New heavy duty aluminium cooler.
• New air intake system.
• Modification of exhaust system.
• OEM upgrade solution.

• Increased power.
• Reduced operating cost.
• Certified modification, Warranty coverage.
• Improved cooling performance.
• Increased resistance to corrosion.
• Easier to clean.
• Lower cost to replace in case of damages.
• Improved engine protection.
• Improved handling and maintenance.
• New heat shield material. Extended life. Improve safety.
• All needed parts included (hoses, accessories and all needed parts). Insure smooth installation.
• Complete fitting instructions. Insure smooth installation.
• Spare parts documentation provided.


The Volvo Penta TAD941VE engine (9L), that used to be the standard engine on Sandvik LH410 Loader, has been phased-out by the manufacturer and it is not anymore available as spare part.

Therefore, Sandvik has developed and extensively tested a new Volvo Penta TAD1140VE engine (11L) that is now the standard engine on Sandvik LH410 loader.

The Volvo Penta TAD1140VE is a 6 cylinder off-road turbo diesel engine with 235kW and 2100 rpm. Due to increased power, the complete power pack systems had to be reviewed for engine manufacture certification (warranty coverage), optimal performances, safety , lifetime and reliability.

Sandvik offers to our customers to upgrade their LH410 active fleet with this powerful, reliable and economical engine.


Engine model Volvo TAD1140VE
Emissions Tier 2, Euro Stage II
Operating altitude -1500m to +3000m
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Upgrade Engine OEM certification Engine manufacturer certified modification with warranty coverage
Type Heavy duty
Radiator Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum
Air filtration Two stages filtration, dry type
Maintenance Free tools maintenance
Exhaust system Catalytic purifier and muffler
Heat shield Long life composite material


Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement


Sandvik LH410