-Drilling with only dry air flushing, without generating dust that could be harmful for mine personnel.
-Drilling without water.

-Allows to drill rock that do not accept any water in the flushing without generating dust.
-Allows to drill where there is no water supply.


Flushing is needed on a drill rig for removing the cutting generated by the drill bits. A proper removal of cuttings is one key parameter for maximized drilling performance, rock drill reliability and optimized rock tool life.

The standard media used for flushing holes on Underground drills is water. But sometime, rock condition do not allow the use of any water for flushing (hole collapse if being drilled with water, avoiding to charge it with explosive). Also, In some locations, water cannot be available (desert places) or used (environmental regulations).
To solve this issue, and allows to drill with only compressed air, Sandvik has developed Dry Drilling system for Underground Drills.

The Dry Drilling system includes a dust collector, installed on the back of the unit, that suck and collect the cuttings, avoid generation of dust on the gallery, that could be harmful for the mine personnel. The dust collector includes filters with cleaning by reversed air automatic system.

Depending unit model and specification, compressed air system could need to be improved to insure sufficient air flushing flow.

Application area

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Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DD210L, Sandvik DD210L-V, Sandvik DD310, Sandvik DD311, Sandvik DD321, Sandvik DD421, Sandvik DL230L, Sandvik DS311