Coolant for engines Sandvik OF-COOLANT HD 205L

-It is suitable for mining and construction equipments, truck and stationary engines
-Perfect for engines, cylinder heads and radiators made from aluminium
-Extended drain intervals
-Protection from deposits, cavitation and corrosion

Technical Specification

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SANDVIK OF-COOLANT HD is ready-to-use coolant based on mono ethylene glycol for mining and construction equipment. SANDVIK OF-COOLANT HD is free of nitrites, amines, silicates and phosphates and is formulated using the high efficient OAT (Organic Acid Technology).

SANDVIK OF-COOLANT HD is a ready-to-use coolant with a freezing point -40 ºC. SANDVIK OF-COOLANT HD prevents reliably high loaded engines in mining and construction equipment from frost, overheating, corrosion and cavitation.

This high efficient protection extends all in the cooling system present metals, especially aluminium.

SANDVIK OF-COOLANT HD is a ready-to-use coolant and must not be further diluted with water. SANDVIK OF-COOLANT HD is miscible and compatible with all coolants of the same specification. To guarantee performance it is recommended not to mix with other products.