• Increased number of holes that can be drilled in fan automation mode.
• Drill bit change interval is programmed.
• Minimise the need for human intervention near the feed.
• Drill bit change interval is programmed.

• Improves productivity by allowing work through shift changes, breaks, blast smoke hours.
• Drill condition controlled, en-sures optimal energy transfer and higher penetration rate.
• Improves safety
• Rock tools cost can be easily followed.
• Bit regrinding interval optimized allows rock tools cost optimization.
• Control of the drill bit condition reduce stress and wear on the drilling module.


Manual replacement of the drill bit brings limitations on the full automation of production drills as the process cannot be fully autonomous. It also generate safety risk if not done according safe procedures.

Sandvik bit changer is designed for automatic changing of bits in long hole drilling. Once activated the bit changer carousel moves the selected bit to the port in the carousel. A selector arm is then moved into the bit. The arm is fitted with a rubber tank, which can be inflated and with which the bit can be held firmly. The bit is then moved from the carousel to the drill center in the retaining centralizer, where it can be coupled to a rod and the drilling can continue.

Worn bits are stored in the carousel; the automation stops the drilling when all bits are used. The use of bits can be optimized on the unit with the drilling automation; if bits are not fully used the amount of meters that still is available is known to the control system. The (automatic) bit change interval can be pre-set.

Bit Changer Upgrade Solution is available for Sandvik DL432i and for DL411 and DL421 delivered in the year 2014 or later.

Application area

Productivity improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DL411, Sandvik DL421, Sandvik DL422iE, Sandvik DL432i